Alex’s first WT1

This isn’t technically my first Written Task 1, but it’s a little more nuanced than that. In case you don’t know me or didn’t go to school with me last year, I’ll fill you in. As a junior, you have four big projects to do throughout the year. We’re always working on one of them, even on the last day which kinda sucks. First is the Written Task 1, where you have to come up with some creative way of conveying one of our learning targets, which I don’t really remember. The ones this year are along the lines of language and culture’s impacts on each other.

You get to pick the medium, such as travel brochure, short story, or poem. I didn’t do mine last year because of multiple reasons, one of them being that I couldn’t comprehend the book that we were reading, however I still passed the class. This year we’re doing another one, and mine is going to be a short story that revolves around code switching. For those of you undereducated fools who doesn’t understand what that is, code switching is when you change the way you speak or act based on your audience. An example of this is when Obama shakes the hands of multiple white people in a row, but when he sees a black man, they embrace each other and slap each other’s backs while speaking differently. I have a buddy who actually met Obama, in fact. I haven’t seen him in a while, because the business is so good in vegas with his las vegas liquor license company.

We got the assignment on Tuesday but I was absent for the past two days, so I haven’t started writing the story yet. There is a small rationale (300 words) that you have to write before you actually get to the story, but it’s just more of an introductory paragraph than anything. Just a prologue. The other three projects are a powerpoint that you do in front of the class, where you again pick the learning targets, a Written Task 2, which is essentially just a big essay, and the IOC. The Individual Oral Commentary is actually the topic of my next blog post, so stay tuned for more entertaining news.

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