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The Top Restaurants of Jacksonville in 2018

I’ve lived n Jacksonville for a long time, and some of my favorite restaurants are packing up and leaving to start anew in other cities. The direct result of this is the fact that I have less favorite restaurants, so I’m documenting my thoughts about each one that’s still here. I seriously doubt that these

Alex’s first WT1

This isn’t technically my first Written Task 1, but it’s a little more nuanced than that. In case you don’t know me or didn’t go to school with me last year, I’ll fill you in. As a junior, you have four big projects to do throughout the year. We’re always working on one of them,

Thoughts about college

Since I’ll be graduating in June, I need to figure out what I’ll be doing past high school. I already roughly know what I want to do, but I’ll also need to figure out where exactly I’m going to do it. When I started at my most recent school, I thought that I was interested

What I did all day yesterday

If you’re coming into this post thinking that I did something super exciting yesterday and you’re gonna love hearing all about it, then be prepared to be disappointed. Steph came over around 10 and I spent the entire day with her, before going to the drive-in movies. When she came over, we mostly played video