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It’s time for me to make a trip to Denver Colorado. Business has been really good and I need to go visit a few business contacts of mine that are based in Denver.  Whenever I make a stop in a city like Denver, I like to research the restaurants and fine dining establishments ahead of my visit. This gives me a sense of the city and gives me some places that I’d be excited to try.

My restaurant criteria isn’t too crazy.  I generally start reading online reviews and then I ask some of the locals if my choices are good.  My compiled list gives me good insight to what I should expect and to let me know if I need to plan way ahead for a reservation.  A good example of that is an incredibly popular vegan restaurant called Root Down Restaurant in Denver.  The reviews on Root Down are amazing and in the first few, the big warning was that you would be pretty hard pressed to get a same-day reservation.  So, if this was a place that I wanted to go, I’d add a note on my Google Calendar to call them a couple days ahead of my arrival in Denver.

One of my clients is a Denver hood cleaning service.  He’s in and out of restaurants everyday so I can always ask him his opinion on the quality of the restaurants he knows of.  One of my hood cleaning clients steered me away from a restaurant that I would not have ever known of how disgusting the place was except for his telling me of the exhaust hood inspection he had done.  He told me of rancid grease that was coming back out of the hood system and onto food services. Okay, without too much detail, that’s nasty!  That grease is full of contaminates including human skin cells.  Anyway, I’m off topic when I dive in on hood cleaning and the issues restaurants have when they have dirty restaurant exhaust hood systems.

denver restaurant denver biscuit companySo, back to Denver restaurants.  I really want to go to Denver Biscuit Company.  I, as a foodie, am hooked on breakfast.  So a place with so many great reviews and a delicious menu of incredible breakfast treats has my attention every time. Just so you know, DBC is located in downtown Denver at 3237 E Colfax.

I have to say, I’ve never seen restaurants in any city that have more online reviews than Denver restaurants.  It’s crazy.  Like Steuben’s Restaurant  which has 2150 restaurant reviews on Yelp, and 1290 Google restaurant reviews. So, I’m thinking Denver has one hell of a lot of foodies!  And it looks to be an awesome place to dine.  Definitely on my Denver restaurants list.

Another great, casual Denver restaurant that I look forward to dining at is a place called Work & Class.  Weird name. But the setting reminds me of great late night places that I would find in New York.  Which is funny because one of the things that I just noticed they mention online is there ‘late night food’.  They’re located at 2500 Larimer St, Denver.  They also have exceptional online restaurant reviews.

For fine dining in Denver, I’m heading straight for the Capital Grille in downtown Denver.  I usually avoid chain restaurants when I’m on one of these trips, but I have a buddy in Miami that does restaurant hood cleaning and Capital Grille is one of his clients.  He tells me that they set him and his wife up one night for an incredible meal and brought spectacular food out for course after course.  So, on his recommendations, I have to try them too.


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The Denver Biscuit Company


Downtown Denver Restaurants


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