The Top Restaurants of Jacksonville in 2018

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I’ve lived n Jacksonville for a long time, and some of my favorite restaurants are packing up and leaving to start anew in other cities. The direct result of this is the fact that I have less favorite restaurants, so I’m documenting my thoughts about each one that’s still here. I seriously doubt that these places are going anywhere anytime soon. Time will tell, I guess.

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If I’m being honest, this review will likely take up the majority of the article. I have a lot to say about Nourish Juice Cafe, so if you already know that you don’t want to try it out then scroll down. I still encourage you to hear me out, as I think my thoughts are very well put together. Anyways, onto Nourish Juice Cafe. It’s found in Riverside in Jacksonville, which is a perfect spot for going on a stroll. It’s not a real beach, but you’re still nearby water. You can watch boats launch from the dock, or just enjoy the view of the water in general.

What draws the most people to Nourish Juice Cafe is the fact that everything here is fresh and organic. I bet even the cleaner they use is GMO-free too, who knows. Don’t come in thinking that you have to be on a strict diet to eat this organic food, it’s all made for everyone. I love their detox smoothies, especially because I eat a lot of barbecued food and the blood moving through my arteries is probably thicker than wet cement. All of the fresh ingredients taste like they were hand picked from a farmer’s market that morning, and I don’t doubt that it’s what the chefs do before arriving at work each morning.

I bet the owner saves a lot in electricity and gas, because the chefs don’t need to fire up a grill or roast anything. Kathleen, the owner, is also very helpful when the staff get swamped with customers. Nourish Juice Cafe has grown significantly in popularity since I first tried it, so I know how big the workload can be for the staff. Even though they get really busy, the staff will always greet you with a warm welcome. If they don’t, then the owner definitely will. You can tell how much she cares about her customers enjoying themselves, and not a lot of restaurants can pull that off.

I’ve been to plenty of restaurants where the owner won’t even speak to you. That’s no way to operate a business, and should be frowned upon in the business world. I mean, it probably already is. When I first tried Nourish Juice Cafe, I was surprised at how many items there were on the menu. I was thinking to myself, how can there be this many different organic meals? I just thought they’d give you grass on a plate with some zero calorie organic ranch or something.

Fortunately, the chefs here really know what they’re doing. They care about each plate that gets sent out, and I have never seen a plate being sent back. It would be kind of hard to send a smoothie back, anyways. Green food usually turns a lot of people away out of habit, but not me anymore. Now, I’m actually kind of more inclined to try something if it’s green. I assure you, most people are surprised at how much better they feel after eating healthy food.

The current food system in the world sucks, and more people need to learn about the benefits of eating organic food without fats, high fructose corn syrup, or preservatives. I’m sure the owner saves a lot of money on her Jacksonville hood cleaning bills, because there’s no grease in the air to make her exhaust hood dirty! I know this is a lot to take in, but there’s a plethora of other positive reviews for Nourish Juice Cafe online if you’re looking for on that’s more concise and to the point.

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After trying that out, make sure you stop by Avondale. Casbah Cafe is another restaurant that’s only one or two blocks away from the St Johns River in Jacksonville, but I’m not sure how Mediterranean food fares on long walks. I do know that it does exceptionally well in Casbah Cafe, which is where the majority of people will be eating it. I don’t know what it is about this Jacksonville restaurant, but I always just want to stay inside longer and order more food.

That’s probably terrible for my body, but a lot of Mediterranean food is very healthy. I’m sure it helps that the chefs only use the freshest ingredients, which you can really taste with each bite. I mean, you can tell that this stuff doesn’t come out of a can. My favorite food to order is the kabobs, regardless of what is on them. They could serve me one with a rat and I’d still eat it. Actually that’s not true, I would never eat a dead rat.

Either way, fans of the vegetarian options at Nourish Juice Cafe will be pleased to hear that there are almost as many vegetarian items to order at Casbah Cafe. I’ve seen a lot of great reviews online complimenting these dishes, so I’m curious to try one for myself.

jacksonville restaurant great mediterranean

This last review will be a lot more concise, because the general aspects of each restaurant have been covered so far in the review. Wafaa N Mike Cafe is found in the Springfield area of Jacksonville (that seems to be a super common name). Unsurprisingly, if you were to google this restaurant, you would also find masses of great feedback in the amazing reviews.

This is another Mediterranean restaurant, but Casbah Cafe was more of a lounge for hanging out. If you’re bringing family or there’s some other kind of wholesome event going on, I would suggest eating here instead. The prices are very good, too. Out of the three, I would say that Wafaa N Mike Cafe has the most reasonable pricing. Jacksonville could use a lot more restaurants like this.

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