The Top Three Leading Restaurants in Las Vegas

las vegas steakhouse restaurant

Yesterday I reviewed around three different Las Vegas restaurants, but once it came down to picking the top three I struggled to decide. With so many choices, it is difficult to say whether or not one restaurant is better than the other. Because of that, I have a few restaurants here that I wanted to include yesterday but could not. As with the last list, I had to exclude some so I will likely have to make another list in the near future. 

ruths chris steakhouse vegas

Ruth’s Chris Steak House was incredibly hard for me to omit the first time, but I was forced to purely for the sake of variety. Nobody wants to read about three different steakhouses, they want to hear about sushi or something else. For those of you who are seeking amazing food in Las Vegas, look no further. This restaurant is located inside of the Harrah’s location in Vegas, but you do not need to be staying there to eat at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. The first thing that I have to praise Ruth’s Chris Steak House for is their food.

My mouth is watering just thinking about the different dishes that I love to order here, and I usually have trouble on deciding what exactly I feel like eating that night. When you have at least six different choices that are all unique but amazing in their own way, it becomes a stalemate between you and the menu. The best appetizers that you can order are the spicy lobster, and the seared ahi tuna. The best entrees themselves can only be narrowed down to three. Any less, and I’ll go crazy.

Traits of a perfectionist. Anyways, the top three are petite filet, sweet potato casserole, and caesar salad. That should be something for everyone, but even if you don’t like any of those choices I am certain you will find something else on the menu. The staff are very good at helping customers find something that they will enjoy, and I have never seen anybody with a major complaint. Including me.

All of the ingredients that the chefs use must cost a ton, because they are the freshest tasting that I can find in any restaurant. Keep in mind that this is a high-end restaurant, even if the prices are still reasonable. Pretty much every steakhouse you will go to in Vegas will have some sort of flaw, unless you eat at Ruth’s Chris Steak House of course. As I mentioned above, the staff here are exceptional at their jobs. They excel at remembering what trends there are in customers ordering certain dishes, both over long and short periods.

I have never seen so much attention to detail. A lot of the restaurants in Las Vegas casinos are high-end, overcharging you because Vegas is essentially a tourist trap. Ruth’s Chris Steak House has quality to meet their prices, and then some. I have never overpaid from a meal from here, and I have eaten here more than enough times to know whether or not I’m getting a good deal. Another important thing that I have noticed about Ruth’s Chris Steak House is the atmosphere.

The management plays peaceful music that is just loud enough to hear, and not a decibel louder. Nobody wants to shout over their family while eating dinner. All of this and more can only lead to one thing, which is also very provable in this scenario: great online reviews. And happy customers, in my case especially. When I have friends in town and want to impress them, this is the first place we visit. Outside of my killer bachelor pad, of course.

las vegas great seafood

Bajamar Seafood & Tacos should whet your appetite if you can’t find anything at the steakhouse, which is uncommon but still possible. No matter how many times I see the pictures of food when reading the great reviews, it always makes my mouth water. This must be a hot spot for food photographers or something. Try to imagine all of the things that you would want to have at your favorite restaurant. For me, the top three are great food, service, and sanitation.

I have gotten food poisoning from a Las Vegas restaurant in the past and I view restaurants differently now as a whole. And if there is one thing that Bajamar Seafood & Tacos does well, it’s cleanliness. The management must only hire people who have OCD or something, because this place is spick and span. Las Vegas Restaurant cleaners are located within a few miles of this restaurant’s location, so I do not doubt that they work closely together as well. Having a dirty restaurant is not only sickening to your customers, but it can shut you down for good in an instant.

If you are a restaurant owner who needs help in this area or your restaurant cleaner has fallen through, you better act fast. Your restaurant is on the line. Las Vegas Restaurant Cleaning can be contacted through their website, which is There aren’t many other good Latin restaurants located in the Gateway District in Las Vegas, at least not any with so many positive reviews. Restaurant cleaning is a benefit to all parties.

las vegas taco restaurant

Bomb Tacos in found in downtown Las Vegas, not too far from a lot of other great restaurants. However, this one is significantly for a variety of reasons. First of all, if you have not tried a real, authentic corn tortilla then you are missing out my friend. My favorite dish to order from Bomb Tacos is the wet burrito with chicken in it, and I slather guacamole and sour cream all over that bad boy.

May sound unappetizing to some, but I love it. All of the other things that I mentioned previously about the last two restaurants are present here as well, and then some. Bomb Tacos is the perfect example of how a taco restaurant should be managed, and I am proud to give them my business. I’m not the only one either, as their amazing reviews have exhibited time and time again.

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