What I did all day yesterday

If you’re coming into this post thinking that I did something super exciting yesterday and you’re gonna love hearing all about it, then be prepared to be disappointed. Steph came over around 10 and I spent the entire day with her, before going to the drive-in movies. When she came over, we mostly played video games and hung out until noon. I had some pizza left over from friday night, so we heated that up and ate it. I also had a “cookie pizza” which was just a big cookie cut like a pizza. We heated that one up and devoured it too. Ater lunch, we went to the convenience store nearby my house and used the milkshake machine they have there. The cashier was telling me how he has been having some problems with his toilet lately, so  I notified him about the best reno emergency plumber. Too bad I couldn’t get a discount or anything.

They have a fridge with a few shelves of flavors to choose from, so you just grab one off the shelf and then tell the machine what thickness you want and start it up. We got a strawberry banana smoothie, because they had both milkshakes and smoothies, and then we ate it on the way back to my house. It was especially good because it was so hot outside. We hung out a bit more at my house and cooled down, and then I grabbed a few of my games to trade them in at Gamestop, which isn’t much further down the road than the convenience store.

They have a deal running where you get 20%, 40%, and 60% more trade credit for trading in games when you trade in 2, 4, and 6 games, respectively. Fortunately for me I had 8 games that I don’t really play anymore, so I did a sort of spring cleaning. I’m a hoarder anyways, so it’s good for me to get rid of things that I don’t need. I would have only got $48 in trade credit, but because of their deal, I made $78. I used it to buy an orange beanie because orange is my favorite color, a pokemon game for my 3DS that I’ve been dying to play, and a wii game for Steph because I’m generous and she walked all the way there with me. It was only around $15 and it’s one of those party games so she can play it with her family.

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